Myanmar Ecosystems


Tropical and subtropical forests (T1)

Tropical/subtropical lowland rainforests (T1.1)

Tropical/subtropical dry forest and scrubs (T1.2)

Tropical-subtropical montane rainforests (T1.3)

Temperate-boreal forests and woodlands (T2)

Boreal and temperate montane forests and woodlands (T2.1)

Warm temperate rainforest (T2.4)

Savannas and grasslands (T4)

Pyric tussock savannas (T4.2)

Temperate grasslands (T4.5)

Polar/Alpine (T6)

Ice sheets, glaciers and perennial snowfields (T6.1)

Polar/alpine rocky outcrops (T6.2)

Temperate alpine meadows and shrublands (T6.4)


Dry subterranean (S1)

Subterranean lithic systems (S1.1)

Transitional freshwater-terrestrial

Palustrine wetlands (TF1)

Tropical flooded forests and peat forests (TF1.1)

Seasonal floodplain marshes (TF1.4)


Lakes (F2)

Freeze-thaw freshwater lakes (F2.4)

Transitional marine-terrestrial

Shoreline systems (MT1)

Muddy shores (MT1.2)

Sandy shores (MT1.3)

Supralittoral coastal systems (MT2)

Coastal shrublands and grasslands (MT2.1)

Transitional terrestrial-freshwater-marine

Brackish tidal systems (MFT1)

Intertidal forests and shrublands (MFT1.2)

Coastal saltmarshes (MFT1.3)