Alpine herbfield



Alpine herbfield is one of the rarest ecosystems in Myanmar, occurring from c. 3,500-4,200 m in steep mountainous areas of Kachin State, where snow persists into the growing season (i.e. April- May). This ecosystem is of outstanding integrity and represents some of the only undisturbed or lightly disturbed alpine vegetation of this size in the Himalaya (UNESCO, 2014).The flora is of Sino- Himalayan origin, and is comprised of herbaceous plants, which form alpine meadows interspersed with patches of matted Rhododendron and other prostrate Ericaceae (e.g. Cassiope)

Assessment summary

This ecosystem is highly restricted to the mountainous northern region and tends to occur where snow persists well into the growing season. Although data searches highlighted a paucity of knowledge about change in key components of this ecosystem, our remote sensing data was sufficient to assess Criterion B. The ecosystem is so restricted and is considered to be threatened over the next twenty years that it qualifies for listing under Criterion B1. Endangered.