East Myanmar dry valley forest



East Myanmar dry valley forest is a closed-canopy deciduous forest that occurs throughout southern Shan State. In this region there is an annual seasonally dry period, typically around 6 months long between November and May each year, followed by monsoonal rains (Platt et al 2010). Mean annual rainfall is typically around 1400 mm, and local elevation, moisture gradient and soil type are the key factors that influence the distribution of this ecosystem (Wolfhart et al 2010).

Assessment summary

A remote sensing model suggests this ecosystem is very broadly distributed in eastern Myanmar. Widespread degradation and deforestation has likely occurred. Analyses of the declining extent of primary forest within this ecosystem suggest that nearly 70% of this ecosystem has been converted from primary forest to secondary forest since 1750, and projections to a 50 year time frame suggest a potential loss sufficient to meet category thresholds for Vulnerable under D2b and D3. Vulnerable.