Shan limestone grasslands



Very poorly known grasslands apparently existed on the limestones of the Shan Plateau 100 years ago when they were described by Stamp (1924b). Consistent with grasslands recorded in analogous environments in other parts of the world, Shan plateau grasslands likely occurred on heavy- textured soils in topographic depressions that receive cold air drainage from surrounding hills rising well above 1000 m elevation. Although limestone areas on the Shan plateau occur at subtropical latitudes, the temperatures may resemble those of temperate climates due to the elevation and cold air drainage. Owing to travel restrictions, it is not possible to provide a photo or accurate distribution map for this ecosystem.

Assessment summary

There are currently no known extant occurrences of this ecosystem, although the potential habitat on Shan plateau has not been systematically searched. Shan plateau grasslands are likely to have collapsed sometime in the twentieth century, but they are currently listed as Data Deficient until thorough surveys are undertaken.