Sha thorny scrub



A sparse woodland of Acacia catechu ("sha"), that varies in form from low bushes (1 to 2 m tall) to small trees (<8 m tall) is distinctive of the driest climates in Myanmar in the centre of the country. A mixed ground layer comprises low thorny shrubs, occasional forbs and wiry C4 grasses, with frequent patches of bare ground. The height and density of trees and ground layer vegetation varies with rainfall, microtopography and soil texture and depth. It co-occurs with Central Ayeyarwady Palm Savanna, which occurs in lower lying areas and is distinguished by the presence of tall palms and more lush ground layer vegetation.

Assessment summary

Sha thorny scrub is distributed across the rolling hills of Myanmar’s central dry zone. However, the ecosystem is restricted and range size estimates indicate that it meets the category threshold for Vulnerable under Criterion B1 and ongoing threats, including grazing and fragmentation, meet two of the subcriteria. Little other information was found on this ecosystem, so further research to estimate ecosystem degradation is recommended. Vulnerable.