Indaing forest



Indaing forest is a diverse seasonally dry tropical forest dominated by the canopy dipterocarp Dipterocarpus tuberculatas, a slow growing, large- leaved deciduous hardwood species (Aung et al., 2004). A diverse range of tree genera cohabit the forest. Across its distribution, this ecosystem ranges from almost entirely deciduous (Songer et al., 2006) to seldom completely leafless (Ashton, 2014).

Indaing was formerly very extensive in Myanmar but deforestation due to widespread agricultural expansion has resulted in fragmentation and extensive deforestation. It is now restricted to the margins of the dry zone, with only a few intact remnants remaining, including in Chattin Wildlife Sanctuary (Songer et al., 2006).

Assessment summary

Time-series analysis conducted within Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary revealed widespread clearing and loss of this ecosystem. Assessments of Criterion A using data from Songer et al (2009) suggests the ecosystem meets the category threshold for Endangered (A2b). The ecosystem has undergone extensive degradation, as suggested by only 35.3% of the distribution of this ecosystem being identified as primary forest. These primary forest data suggest ecosystem degradation over a sufficient extent of this ecosystem to be assessed as Vulnerable (D3). Endangered.