Rakhine coastal dune forest



Rakhine Coastal dune forests occur as a thin band of trees and shrubs, mostly <100 m wide, behind sandy shoreline ecosystems across South-East Asia (Whitten and Damanik, 2012). In this part of the coastal zone, coastal dune forest must tolerate salt spray, seasonally dry conditions, and nutrient deficient soil, but cannot tolerate continued inundation during the tidal cycle. They therefore occur beyond the influence of tides primarily on sandy soils.

Assessment summary

Rakhine coastal dune forest is listed as Data Deficient because of a lack of information on its distribution, change in area over time and the impact of threatening processes. It is thought to be scattered across much of the Rakhine coastline but studies targeting its distribution and change are required to fill a range of knowledge gaps regarding the status of this ecosystem. Data Deficient.