Tanintharyi cloud forest



Only one confirmed occurrence of a cloud forest is known from Myanmar, occurring in the torrid zone at 2,074 m in Kayin state. However, we have mapped all areas >1,950 m in southern Myanmar as potential areas where cloud forest may occur. Cloud forests are closed canopy evergreen forests that have low or stunted canopies (mostly about 5- 20 m), small leaf sizes and pervasive mossy cover (Ashton, 2014). Also abundant bryophytes, often covering the majority of the ground, lichens, liverworts, ferns and orchids, all of which utilise atmospheric moisture by cloud stripping. Largely aseasonal due to persistent annual cloud cover. There may be high endemism in flora and fauna.

Assessment summary

This ecosystem occurs in only a few very small patches in south-eastern Myanmar. Knoweldge of these patches is alarmingly low, but it is expected that ongoing declines due to climate warming are occurring. Urgent work to visit and document these sites and fill these knowledge gaps is recommended. Critically Endangered.