Kachin-Sagaing mid elevation subtropical rainforest



This evergreen closed forest ecosystem is found in the low to mid elevations of northern Myanmar from c. 300-700 m, where there is abundant rainfall (2000 mm+) and generally moist conditions associated with elevation. The ecosystem covers a climate condition that transitions from almost tropical to subtropical and is found in unusually high latitudes here above the Tropic of Cancer due to this atypical climate (Kingdon-Ward, 1944). In higher altitude areas, around 700 m, in the north, Kachin-Sagaing mid-elevation subtropical rainforest transitions into the Kachin Hills subtropical forest ecosystem.

Assessment summary

Deforestation and fragmentation are known to occur in this ecosystem, but our assessment of primary forest data did not indicate that this ecosystem meets thresholds for Criterion D. There was no information available to assess Criterion A, and we suggest further urgent work to fill this knowledge gap. Thus, although quantitative data suggested this ecosystem is Least Concern, our expert review indicated that this ecosystem is under sufficient threat to potentially meet category thresholds not assessed during this project. Therefore, we recommend urgent further work to address this knowledge gap and enable a complete assessment of this ecosystem type Data Deficient.