Rocky Tanintharyi Karst



Rocky Tanintharyi Karst is a forest type that occurs in karst landscapes. Karst landscapes are commonly defined as areas where highly soluble and porous rocks such as limestone support distinctive hydrology and landforms (Ford and Williams, 2007). These landscapes often have a complex topography, widespread presence of caves and underground water systems. Where a soil layer can form, such as gullies, a vegetation community consisting of herbaceous species and bryophytes can form (Clements et al., 2006).

Karst environments show high degrees of endemism and high diversity among isolated patches. Such endemism results from extreme niche diversity afforded by their complex terrain and high isolation among fragments. In Myanmar, all three Karst ecosystems (MMR-S1.1.1, MMR- T1.1.3 and MMR-T1.2.2) are expected to have high biodiversity and endemism. However, increasing quarrying and other impacts are a key concern.

Assessment summary

Despite targeted searches of the literature and liaison with experts in South-east Asian Karst environments, no information was found that could be used to assess this ecosystem. Further work to develop ecosystem maps, species inventories and assessments of ecosystem decline is recommended. Data Deficient.