Kachin-Sagaing low elevation evergreen subtropical rainforest



This evergreen closed forest ecosystem is found in the lowlands of northern Myanmar from around 100-300 m where there is abundant rainfall (2,000 mm+) and generally moist conditions. The forest has floristic affinities with northern Thailand and Assam, India, but unlike the tropical evergreen forests to the south, there are fewer species of dipterocarps. It is biologically complex, with some emergent trees, palms, numerous lianas, and strangler figs. This forest type transitions seamlessly into Kachin-Sagaing mid-elevation subtropical forest above 300 m, to which it is similar, but with a different assemblage of species.

Assessment summary

While deforestation and fragmentation are known to occur in this ecosystem, our analysis of primary forest data did not indicate that this ecosystem meets thresholds for Criterion D. The ecosystem is sufficiently broadly distributed to not meet category thresholds for Criterion B. Data deficient outcomes for Criterion A and C suggest further work is needed, and we recommend a reassessment of this ecosystem as soon as sufficient time-series data becomes available. Data Deficient.