Kachin pine savanna



Pine savanna is an open evergreen needleleaf savanna ecosystem that occurs in four to five regions across Myanmar, with each currently being a separate ecosystem given their geographical barriers. But further research is needed. This ecosystem in dominated primarily by pines, and has a grass and bracken understory. Kingdon- Ward (1945) suggests that this might be a sub- component of the Kachin sub-tropical rainforest as it is sometimes found intermixed with that rain forest ecosystem type found within the gullies and the savanna likely occupy more fire-prone ridges and drier south facing hill sides. This savanna ecosystem relies on periodic fire to maintain open conditions suitable for recruitment of pine seedlings, and. There is similar pine savanna found in other regions within the country and in neighbouring countries. There are few epiphytes.

Assessment summary

This ecosystem could not be visited during field work, but remote sensing models suggest that it is sparsely distributed in very small patches across much of Myanmar’s north-east. Despite a restricted EOO, there is no evidence to suggest that this ecosystem is undergoing continuing declines and therefore the ecosystem is assessed as Least Concern. Further work is suggested to confirm the occurrence and distribution of pine savanna throughout Kachin state, and reassessing with refined distribution maps. Least Concern.