Magway semi-evergreen dry gully forest



Magway semi-evergreen dry gully forest is a dry forest ecosystem that occurs along the eastern foothills of the Rakhine range. It forms mosaic with Magway Than-Dahat dry grassy forest, occurring in moist gullies where it can avoid burning. In contrast to the Magway Than-Dahat grassy forest, the understory of this ecosystem is lacking grass but has copious leaf litter. The canopy is around 20 m.

Assessment summary

Magway semi-evergreen forest is threatened by changed fire regimes, conversion to agriculture and firewood cutting. Its range size is close to the category thresholds for Criterion B, and climate simulation modelling suggests a decline in suitable areas over the next three decades. The ecosystem qualifies for listing as Vulnerable under Criterion C2a, with plausible bounds of Near Threatened – Vulnerable.