Sagaing warm temperate rainforest



A closed-canopy, mostly evergreen forest occuring at intermediate elevation along the north-western border of Myanmar. Occurs at elevations where conditions are humid and there is sufficient rainfall to support an evergreen forest community. Warm temperate rainforests are structurally simple with a uniform canopy consisting of species with notophyll-microphyll leaf sizes. Oaks (Quercus) and chestnuts (Castanopsis) are common in this ecosystem, and Dipterocarps are generally rare.

Assessment summary

This ecosystem is restricted to the hills bordering India in northern Myanmar. Its range does not meet threatened category thresholds for Criterion B, but ongoing threats and an EOO that is <1,000 km 2 larger than the Vulnerable thresholds for B1 warrant a listing of Near Threatened. A climate simulation suggested that for a few climate warming and emmissions scenarios, the ecosystem may warrant listing as Vulnerable, but the majority of results suggested Least Concern. An assessment of degradation using primary forest data suggests little degradation has occurred. Near Threatened.